Dodge Ram Title Loans

Dodge Ram Title Loans

Right now is the perfect time to take out a title loan on your Dodge Ram. Current depreciation rates are at a relative low, so if your Dodge Ram is from the last few years (such as a 2012 Ram), you could likely get at least 65% of its total original value in a title loan online with us. By applying today, you take advantage of the situation your truck is in as one of the most valuable vehicles on the road.

As a whole this past year, vehicles in general depreciated in value by about 12%, and the previous year was fairly similar. Trucks like your Dodge Ram, however, only took a 5.8% reduction in value, holding their value perhaps better than any other kind of vehicle. That means that if you need a car title loan and you're trying to decide what vehicle to use, your Ram is probably the best option you have for getting the most money out of your title loan.

Even Dodge Rams from 2010 still have decent value, with the 1500 coming in at an average price range of $13,500 to $28,000. If you need that kind of money within a day or so, getting a Dodge Ram title loan could just be the best option you have.

The value of the vehicle depends on what type of Dodge Ram you purchased originally. For example, while the latest model of the Ram 3500 and 2500's prices are within $1,000 of each other at $30,105 and $29,380, respectively, the latest model of the Ram 1500's value is significantly lower, at only $25,105. This difference will clearly affect the overall value of your Dodge Ram title loan.

How to Get Started on a Dodge Ram Title Loan

The loan process is easy when you apply for a title loan on your Dodge Ram. We want to make sure that your investment in a quality vehicle doesn't go unused or unpaid, so we've simplified our approval process to make sure you get the attention you deserve from us. There are a few steps to our process, so we'll explain them as follows:

  1. Fill out the application on this page in just a few minutes
  2. After sending in your application, approve the free quote you'll receive in your email
  3. After approving the quoted quantity, talk to one of our customer service professionals

That last step is probably one of the most important ones in the whole process, designed to help you navigate the numerous options we have available for you when you're choosing how to best make use of your Dodge Ram title loan. You'll be able to counsel with a qualified loan specialist who can help you figure out how best to set up your title loan so as to give you the best access to the value of your Dodge Ram.

A Ram is a good investment as cars go, and you have access to its full potential through the title loans we offer. As you weigh your options, consider that the Dodge Ram, while certainly not the most widespread pickup around, is also not necessarily a rare breed of pickup. 439,789 Rams were sold in 2014 alone, the best year for the model since 2003. That means that the value of the truck could drop more as it becomes more common on the road.

Thankfully, the value of a Dodge Ram is not usually gauged in its rarity or in its branding, but rather in its utility. Rams are purchased as work trucks fairly frequently, so if you're worried about it becoming worthless, don't be.

The point to all this is that if you need to get a car title loan and you're choosing between your Dodge Ram and another vehicle to get the loan, it's advisable to use the Dodge Ram, since its value has likely remained higher relative to any other vehicle you may own.

Why Get a Dodge Ram Title Loan?

A Dodge Ram title loan is a savvy move for a few reasons. For one, you can count on your truck as a solid auto investment. While other cars lose their value faster than you can even pay them off, a Dodge Ram will likely keep its value until long after it's paid off.

Dodge Ram title loans are also very easy to manage, with the flexible payment plans we offer and the competitive interest rates we can get for our clients. You can get approved for rates as low as 3% in some circumstances, and we want you to feel the power that's at your disposal through the use of your Dodge Ram's title.

The legal title of your Ram is what makes the loan process go so quickly. By lending us the legal title of your Ram as collateral for the loan, you're showing that you understand the real value of the car as a financial asset, rather than just a utility workhorse. Using your truck's title in this way also gives both you and your lender security in knowing that you do, in fact, have the resources to pay off your loan.

There are a few last reasons we should talk about regarding why a Dodge Ram title loan is a good idea for you as a truck owner. For one, you keep the vehicle in your possession, meaning that your 9,200 lbs of towing power stays with you to keep working for you. We don't need to keep the truck. We just borrow the title, and then we give it back to you when the loan is over.

You can probably tell there are a variety of good reasons to get a Dodge Ram title loan over a title loan on other types of vehicles. You can make your Dodge Ram not only work for you physically, but help you out financially as well, through a Dodge Ram Title Loan.