Boat Title Loans Nationwide

Boat Title Loans Online

Did you know that you can get a title loan on a boat? Most people think title lending is limited to just cars and motorcycles, but boats can be used to secure a loan as well! Boat title loans are a great way to get immediate cash when something unexpected crops up forcing you to scramble for some much-needed cash.

Ins and Outs of Online Boat Title Loans

Boat title loans work just like car and motorcycle title loans do: You hand over the free and clear title to a lender in exchange for a check. The amount they give out is not based on your credit score because it is completely dependent on the value of the vessel instead. So, not only can you get a loan with bad credit, you get to keep using the craft while making payments! You get to keep sailing the seven seas or enjoy summer lake house fun while the boat title works its magic behind the scenes!

Fair Repayment Plans

Boat title lenders do not want to leave you with more than you can handle, so they give you a hands-on opportunity to design a repayment program that you feel comfortable with. You can pay off the loan in 42 months if you need to! Or, you can opt to pay off the whole thing in one lump sum within a few weeks and not have to worry about any hidden fees for paying it off early. Title lenders try to be as fair as possible. They also are very competitive with their interest rates which keep them low and manageable for the average borrower!

Super Easy Boat Title Loan Application

In order to get a motorcycle title loan, you will need to complete our straightforward, three-step application process.

  1. Apply online and get a free pre-approval quote texted to you
  2. Talk to a title loan expert on the phone to set up a repayment plan
  3. Have your details verified, and collect your check!

All of this can be completed start to finish in just 24 hours or less. So, if you need cash right away and have a boat docked on the pier, a boat title loan might be just what you need!

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