Should I Get Car Title Loans?

What do you look for when looking to borrow money? High rates? Lots of fees? Waiting days or weeks for an approval? Of course not, but the reality is a lot of loan options like payday loans or bank loans give you just that. Why would you put yourself through all of that when you could get an auto title loan that's been proven to give you the fast cash you're looking for, with fair rates, amazing customer service, and no credit checks? Don't make it harder then it needs to be. Instead, check out why you should really get a title loan instead. It's safe, secure, and best of all it's fast. Call or apply today!

What Makes a Car Title Loan Different?

Car title loans work a bit differently than traditional loans in that your loan is secured by holding your car's free and clear title as collateral. Getting a secured loan gives you instant access to our amazing network of approved lenders that can offer you lower rates and better terms than you would likely get with a non-secured loan that's only securing your loan based on your credit score, something we'll talk about further in a minute.

While loans amounts vary, they always depend on the value of your car, determined by factors like the make, model, year, mileage, and overall condition. It's more than likely that you'll be walking away with hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars--given to you in cash.

When you get a car title loan, you don't need to worry about paying astronomical rates, hidden fees, or having to wait forever to find out if you qualify. You will get:

  • The lowest rates in the industry--as low as 3%
  • Take up to 42 months to pay your loan back
  • Instant quotes and cash in 24 hours
  • No silly fees to worry about
  • 24/7 access to a team of experienced and knowledgeable loan professionals
  • Repayment options that won't burst your bubble and put you in hard times
  • Loans of up to $50,000

Don't worry about your transportation situation either, since you get to keep driving your car during the loan period. That means no asking for rides from friends and family, no borrowing someone's car, no memorizing the bus schedule. Nothing needs to change except the extra cash in your pocket.

Bad Credit, No Credit Cash Solution

Here's another tip: if you have bad credit, no credit or a bankruptcy in your past, you can bet the bank, the payday loan store, or whoever you're trying to borrow from is going to either reject you all together or penalize you with some kind of extra high premium. Not so with a car title loan. Because the loan is secured with the car's title, there's no need to check your credit. Again--there are no credit checks with a title loan. No credit, bad credit, doesn't matter one bit. You can still borrow money at rates that just make sense.

You don't need credit, but there are a few things that you'll need. You might expect a long list of hard to find documents or financial records but we're all about streamlining this process and getting you the cash you need fast, not playing detective and looking into every nook and cranny in your life. That's why our requirements are so easy to get and down to earth:

  • Your car's lien-free title
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of income
  • State issued ID--borrowers must be 18+

Some lenders may ask for a few references, but other then that, that's it. We told you it was easy and straightforward and we weren't kidding. If you aren't currently employed, you might be surprised to learn that you can still get an auto title loan. We accept a lot of different types of income sources, not only pay stubs.

Forget Those Student Loans..

Everyone knows how important education is and everyone also knows how expensive it can be. But that doesn't mean you have to fall into the trap of getting students loans with high interest rates. Instead of getting a student loan, get a title loan. No co-signers, no credit checks, cash in 24 hours and easy to manage repayment options. Fund your future without paying too much. Sounds like a good way to start off to us.

Better Than a Payday Loan

Sure, we do have something in common with a payday loan: we both give you money. That's where the similarities end. Payday loan stores just can't compete with the low rates and outstanding service that you'll get with a title loan. You deserve the best and frankly, that's an auto title loan. Don't get stuck thinking you'll get a better deal somewhere else, when a title loan can deliver perks traditional loan options only wish they had. Your car's equity is yours--borrow it, use it, pay it back. It's just that simple. Find out more about how much you can borrow with a free instant quote.

Title Loans For Any Vehicle

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