Paying for College with a Car Title Loan

Going to college is almost a necessity these days, but tuition is through the roof and for those of us paying our own way through getting a higher education is financially frightening. Whether you are just starting school, two years in, or have graduated, you have some large responsibilities when it comes to financing a college degree. So, how are you going to pay for it all!?

How about a car title loan? Your car may be the perfect way to help you get extra fast cash for the things only college students would understand are truly a necessity. And yes for all you current or incoming students, we're also talking about the money you'll need for a themed frat party, late night pizza delivery, or laundry detergent. To help you better understand, we will skip the long lecture and give you the cliff notes on title loans.

Title Loans 101

Do you remember turning 16 and how getting your first car was like the ticket to a whole new world of freedom? And paying off your car was a step towards becoming an adult. Now, that fully paid off car could be your ticket to getting tons of cash.

A Dallas car title loan works like this - the value of your "in running condition" car is determined based on a few factors like its year, make, model, and mileage. Since it is completely debt free, the title to that car is then used to secure a loan. Normally your credit score would be used as security, but most students or recent graduates haven't built up too much credit, which is why you'll never need it throughout our entire title loan process. Plus, you're NOT giving up your car to get the loan. Your car is still yours and you are free to use it when ever and where ever you'd like. This is a great benefit for you commuters out there or recent graduates who have jobs (congrats by the way!).

Check Point #1: You don't need good credit to get a car title loan. True or False?

True! You actually don't need any credit at all.

College Students - How To Use Your Title Loan Cash

Getting the help to pay for college tuition can be tough but honestly it doesn't have to be. Car title loans are a fast and easy way to get cash for anything from paying your college application fee, a semester's tuition bill, or even just a few general education classes. If you are getting ready to start college or are returning for another year, you have loads of additional stuff you need too. All those things you took for granted when living at home, are now your responsibility.

Your College "To Buy" List might include things like:

  • Class books
  • Pens and more pens
  • Notebooks and more notebooks
  • Tons of new music
  • Extra long twin bed sheets
  • College t-shirt for some school spirit
  • And probably some ice cold beverages
  • Believe it or not, all of this adds up really fast. You can get title loan cash almost as fast as these things show up on your online bank statement! Well, at least that fast if you apply for a Dallas car title loan through us. We are a FREE title loan service company that can get you cash within 24 hours after you apply. And since, your laptop is practically a third appendage, we've made sure you can apply for your title loan online using a short two-minute application form.

    Check us out and see how much of a sweet deal title loans are for college students all around the Dallas, Texas area.

    Check Point #2: How fast can you get title loan cash with Find Title Loans?

    Only 24 hours - Because of the quick online application process, it takes no more than a day to get you the money you need!

    College Graduates - Paying Back Student Loans

    For all you college graduates, you're probably thinking to heck with pretty bed sheets, I need help paying back student loans. Student debt can be overwhelming sometimes but the cash you could get with a title loan can help you stay on top of your monthly payments. With all your other expenses like rent, groceries, and Friday bar nights after work, you could use a little extra cash. If you're continuing your education, you can even use title loan cash to help pay for grad school.

    Considering all the things you're already paying for, the last thing you want is another bill you'll struggle with. Don't sweat it because our car title loan payment plans are personalized, that way your monthly payments will fit your budget. Look, you've just made a huge feat by graduating college and it's going to take a little time to adjust to life without communal bathrooms or desks the size of a pencil. While you're figuring it out, we're here to help you out a bit.

    Whatever stage in your education you are, there is a way to get financial help with the tuition, the necessaries, and everything in between. For you, the answer could be a car title loan.

    Check Point #3: How stoked are you to get cash?

    So excited!!! You can apply right now online and see how much cash you actually qualify for.

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