Texas Title Loans and Laws

Interested in learning about title loans in the Lone Star State? This article is your resource for discovering how new laws are affecting your earning potential. Recent auto title loan regulations in Texas have been set in place to limit lending amounts, installments, and renewals. What do these changes mean for you? Will you still be able to make the money you're looking for? Are these kinds of loans something to avoid? Understanding how to make the best financial decisions for you and your loved ones is what we're all about here at Find Title Loans. So we make sure to fill our customers in on any changes in investment opportunities.

These ordinances are limiting the freedom borrowers have to take out loans over a certain amount. In San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, Houston, and many other cities as well, laws have been put in place to limit the amount of money borrowers can receive.

The updated restrictions specifically target the following:

  • Car title loans have been limited to either 3% of your gross income or 70% of your vehicle's value
  • Loans can be no more than four installments with no more than three renewals

These measures have been put in place to protect borrowers from price-gouging rampant among lenders with less-than-reputable practices.

Find Title Loans is on Your Side

The fact of the matter is the experts at Find Title Loans are focused on practicing ethical lending, and remaining on the side of the borrowers throughout the entire lending process. We agree that consumers should be protected from overwhelming interest rates and unfair payment plans, which is why we only work with reputable lenders who treat our borrowers the way we know they want and deserve to be treated. When you work with us, you can always expect:

  • To be connected with the lowest interest rates in the industry
  • To never be charged prepayment penalties
  • To get same-day service and never undergo a credit check

In spite of these regulations, you can still easily apply for a title loan online of up to several thousand dollars, and collect your cash within as little as 24 hours of pre-approval. The only difference is that you may not be able to take out as much money as you would like to in the city proper, but not to worry - our experts can help you find a location close to your neighborhood that can provide the loan amount you're looking for.

Helping You Find the Money You Need, No Matter What

We understand. There do come times when you may need to borrow more than ordinances allow for, and we are still here to help you out when you do. We have locations not only within El Paso and other urban areas affected by the ordinances, but throughout the surrounding areas as well. When a financial emergency calls for more money than is available, our experts can help. Stay within the comfort of your home - no matter where you live - apply online, and get your title loan cash the very next day.

The reason we have stayed in business as long as we have is because we continually work with our borrowers' best interests at heart. We believe in treating our customers fairly, and have long been practicing high industry standards as well as ethical lending. We only work with the most trusted lenders in the area, who offer the lowest rates available in the industry, as well as payment plans that can be customized and adjusted to fit customer needs.

Our goal is always to meet you where you are, and that includes helping you find the best title loan for your needs quickly, regardless of your credit score or zip code.

The fact that cities are tightening up policies does not mean it is impossible for you to get the cash you need with a plan that works. Contact us today, and let us help you get the cash you need with the plan that works. Our title loans representatives are experts at helping you find the right loan, and our doors are always open. When it comes to giving you the money you need with the treatment you deserve, we're advisors you can trust.

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