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Choosing the right lender can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you have hundreds of lending companies in your area. With an abundance of choices, it might be difficult to differentiate between the reliable lenders and those who are just trying to take advantage of you.

Find Title Loans has developed a network of trusted lending companies that are available to every one of our borrowers. After years of sifting through all kinds of lenders, we have discovered some fool proof ways to pick the right ones. We want to make sure you avoid the low-quality title loans lurking out there, so we're sharing 5 key factors to consider when selecting which title loan lending company to work with.

The Five Signs of a Good Lender

Loan transactions are personal information land mines, which is one of the many reasons why it is crucial that your lender is credible. Take into account the following 5 factors when trying to find the best title loan company in your area.


Every lending company is required to be licensed in the state they are serving. Make sure to ask any title loan representative if their company is licensed or for the actual license number. When this information is requested by any client, it must be disclosed according to state law. Take note- if they refuse, start hammering you with questions, or even try to avoid it all together, they probably aren't a legitimate lender.

Every lender in our network is prescreened and licensed, so you can be sure you're being connected with a good lender; however, just for best practice we always encourage our borrowers to ask anyway.


An easy way to check up the legitimacy of a lender is to see if they have a company address. First, check their website if an address is listed. If not, call them to find out. And always remember to make sure it is valid. Google earth is a great tool to check address validity. Even though you never have to leave your home to get auto title loans at, each and every one of our lenders has a free standing location. You always have the option of going in to speak with them or pick up your loan. Our online process simply makes your life easier and more convenient.

As a bridge company, helps customers find the ideal lender for their needs. We work with a trusted network of lenders in your area! One major concern for our clients is "where can I find a title loan near me? Call us and one of our trained financial experts will work to help you create a payment plan, on your terms, and then locate the closest lender that can offer the flexible, low interest rate auto loan you're after. Being informed is essential, so give us a call or apply to see your vehicle's value, and discover all that our company can offer you. There's no obligations and we require no credit checks or other sensative information to get you the fast cash you need.


If you've never taken out a title loan before you probably have loads of questions. Ask them! It will help you clearly understand the company's loan process and any additional steps or requirements needed. And when you ask them, be sure to get a straight answer from the lending representative. Credible lenders are always eager to address their clients concerns and are transparent about all company procedures or fees. Be hesitant if an auto title loan representative is trying to cover up the answer to your question with large promises, guarantees, or deals.

Whenever you call us, you'll speak directly with one of our title loan experts, who know our lenders like the back of their hand. You can ask them everything before you connect with the lender; however, we encourage you to also ask the lender about more specifics like repayment plans, the length of your loan, and any additional documents they may require.


A company who dedicates their efforts to and for their clients is one that any borrower would want to work with. Like we've mentioned, the title loan industry is filled with hundreds of lenders, some trying to trap people into contracts - resulting in an even worse personal financial hole. Watch out! As you talk to different online title loan lending companies, pay attention to how focused they are on you, your budget, and your specific circumstance and future financial goals. If they are more concerned about persuading you into picking a standard loan option without considering what you can afford, you definitely may want to reconsider taking out a title loan with them.

What is really unique about our title loan service is that, we collaborate with you in order to choose which lender would be best for you life. During our initial phone conversation, we will get a better idea of what you are looking for in a loan. Some things we ask you are:

  • What loan amount can you afford?
  • How long do you want to pay off your loan?
  • What interest rate would best fit your monthly payment abilities?

All our efforts are done with your financial success in mind. This kind of company mindset is definitely something you want to consider when picking who you're working with.

Social Media Engagement

Social media connects businesses with their customers. The title loan industry is no different, though each title loan lender utilizes social media in different ways. Social consumer engagement is a great sign a company is invested in building a relationship with their customers. Look for a robust and enthusiastic social media presence to find a consumer facing lender.

Some social avenues we use are blogs, educational articles, twitter, and Google plus. Find Title Loans consistently connects with consumers like you in order to help them understand who we are, the title loan application process, and give them general financial tips or advice.

Be Smart. Choose Right.

We know it can be confusing to pick a good title loan lender, but pay close attention to these five signs and it will make your decision so much easier. You can be even more confident that you're getting the best when you apply through us. Find Title loans does all this research for you and provides credible lending companies just for you.

Find Title Loans has provided top notch online title loans and financial assistance to borrowers across the country for years and will continue to do so. You can count on us!

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