Personal Loans: How to Find The Cash Boost For You

A personal loan is a type of unsecured loan - a loan which requires no means of collateral for approval - that can be issued to an individual by a bank or other lending institution for a variety of reasons. The individual borrower is held solely accountable for repayment. Because there is no collateral required, personal loans are considered more beneficial for individuals and more risky for lenders.

The advantage of a secured loan, is that by borrowing off collateral, you're actually investing in a safer loan, at lower interest rates. This is why at, we service customers with fast cash auto title loans, where lenders keep interest rates down and pay periods flexible, because you're securing your borrowing amount with your vehicle.

Why Invest in a Personal Loan?

Individuals invest in personal loans for many reasons, including outstanding bills like mortgage, rent, or medical payments, debt consolidation, auto repairs and home improvements, among other things. Some personal loans may offer better interest rates or payment plans than a borrower's current outstanding debts, so borrowers can use a personal loan to pay off outstanding debts in order to cut their interest losses in the long run - a smart move in the world of high-interest loans.

Personal loans also boast many advantages compared to retail credit lines and other types of loans:

  • Immediate funding - you can have cash in a single business day
  • Easy approval - no credit check, depending on location/lender
  • Simple application process, as compared to other loans
  • Fixed term, fixed rate - you can budget your expenses immediately
  • Low minimum loan amounts - get cash fast and pay it off over time

Another advantage of personal loans as compared to credit lines or other types of loans relates to your freedom of expenditure. With a personal loan, you can use your loan amount to cover planned expenses and invest in a financial future of your choosing, or you can simply allow yourself more flexibility with your bankbook in case something unexpected should occur.

What Requirements Apply to Personal Loans?

Personal loans are generally easy to obtain, however, your personal credit history and employment information, your marital status and tax history, as well as your relationship with your bank of choice all come into play when you apply for a personal loan.

Be prepared to show evidence of the following when you apply for a personal loan through any bank or lending institution:

  • Personal information - address, driver's license, social security
  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Must show proof of employment and income
  • Must show 1-2 years of tax information
  • Must have a checking account at an active bank

Your lender will use your information to run a credit history check, review your bank activity for the past few months, and establish a debt to income ratio from which you and your lender can use to determine the effectiveness of your loan, based on your needs and background. Keep in mind the future of your income as you enter your loan period, so that you know you can make payments on your loan. Good bookkeeping will account for your future and keep your personal loan as stress-free as possible.

What to Look Out for With Personal Loans

Because personal loans are typically riskier for financial lenders than for borrowers since there is no collateral to seize upon default, some lending institutions may require a credit check and background check before approving your personal loan. Others will charge high interest rates and offer lower loan amounts, in the event that your credit score is less than satisfactory. In either case, you should work toward a lower interest rate, and seek out the most effective payment plan for the amount of money you're looking to receive.

If your goal is debt consolidation, you should know the terms of your existing debt, so that you don't get over-charged for attempting to consolidate or pay off your initial deficit. Some lenders will charge penalties, fines, or early payment fees if you try to make payments to reduce your interest costs. Also, financial institutions may not offer you a debt consolidation loan if you are considered likely to accrue more debt with your personal loan.

Some financial advisors stress the importance of reaching out to local banks or institutions you know before seeking out a personal loan with an independent lender. Interest rates will almost definitely be higher than home or auto loan rates, due to the lack of collateral, but with a good credit score and financial history, you're more likely to find a desirable interest rate at a local bank with stricter requirements.

If you seek out an outside lending institution, it's worth your time to try and negotiate a good interest rate based on your personal reliability.

Where Can I Find a Personal Loan Near Me?

There are many options for individuals looking for a personal loan in their area. One of the fastest ways is to use an online bridge company which can connect you with an expert who will give you good feedback about your situation, and help you locate a lender near you who can meet your specific needs. These organizations usually work only with trusted lenders who can meet your needs on an interest rate and repayment plan for your desired loan amount.

The old-fashioned way is to seek out a bank or lender that you know in your hometown and to stop in and ask some questions about how to receive your loan. Be careful when you speak to your lender, though, and don't be afraid to shop around for a deal that you love. If you have a bank that you use frequently, you might be more likely to find a good deal with them - based on your banking history - than to seek out other institutions for no-collateral personal loans.

A personal loan can be a great option for individuals looking for an income boost, and to cover immediate expenses, but the previously-mentioned factors should be weighed before entering into a contract.

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