Are Title Loans A Good Idea?

There are an overwhelming number of lending options out there in the vacuum of the internet. There are fewer options for borrowers with bad credit. There are even fewer actually good loan options for borrowers with bad credit in LA But before you go into full-on freak out mode, you should understand what options are available to you, and how can know if they're trustworthy or not!

First of all, you should assess what kind of borrower you are. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I need a long term loan or a short term loan?
  • Do I need a quick boost of cash or something more permanent?
  • How's my credit score?
  • What loans do I qualify for and what are no longer viable options for me?
  • How do I want to pay off my loan?
  • When do I need money by?

Knowing where you stand at the moment will help you decide if a Los Angeles title loan is the right lending choice for you.

Still wondering if an auto loan is the right choice? If you're after fast cash, easy earnings, or title loans, Los Angeles is the perfect place to find a fantastic deal! And best of all, we'll do all the legwork for you. All you need to do is apply, and provide some basic information. We take it from there, and scour the metro area for the best interest rates, most flexible pay periods, and the biggest offers you can't afford to miss from only the most reputable lenders. We fit customers with loans that suit their needs.

Should I Get a Title Loan?

Often referred to as 'pink slip loans' in California, so named because the title to a car is typically printed on a pink slip of paper. The basic concept of a title loan is simply using a form of collateral that you own to finance a fast cash loan. A car is almost always the most valuable thing that a person owns, but not everybody knows that they're wasting its full financial potential. Cars can be used for so much more than just transportation!

Let's get something straight, it's not like selling your car. You don't have to give up the keys at all. The only thing Los Angeles title loan providers require from you is that little piece of paper that is the title. You give them that, they give you cash, and once you pay off the loan, the title is returned to you.

With us, you're using the equity of your car to fund your quick cash loans are a fantastic form of short term lending, for borrowers who just need an immediate financial bump. Because your loan is using your car as an alternative kind of collateral, there's no need for you to go through a credit check.

That means that even Los Angeles borrowers with no credit can still qualify, and it also means that the whole process is sped up without that extra unnecessary step; which puts money into your hands faster than any other loan in the U.S.

Are Auto Loans a Smart Decision for Me?

Like we said; there are many different kinds of short term, no-credit cash loans out on the market. And not all of them are good, or even safe. One of the most common of these sources is a payday lender. You've seen their neon signs on every street corner in Los Angeles. They give you cash advances on your paycheck, but they also give you a stack of high interest rates and sneaky hidden fees. Sure, you don't need credit to get approved for a payday loan, but you'll find yourself stuck in a never-ending cycle of debt within a few months. Best to stay away from those!

Installment loans are also a common lending option in Los Angeles. These offer much lower interest rates than a payday loan, but that's because the repayment periods can last up to 10 years! Yikes. That's a long time to be paying off a loan. Installment loans can be used effectively to finance a long term loan, but for Los Angeles borrowers looking for a faster source of cash that they can pay off within a few months, you're probably safer sticking with a short term loan like a title loan.

Getting a loan from the bank has always been the standard method to get a loan. But unfortunately, they turn far more people away than they approve for a loan. That's because their list of requirements is about a mile long. Bank loans can be a great option for California borrowers with excellent credit scores, spotless financial records, and plenty of time to go through the application and approval processes... but not everyone is so lucky. It's rare to find a Los Angeles borrower who meets all the criteria of a bank loan, because their requirements are pretty absurd. Don't feel bad if you don't qualify for a bank loan- most borrowers don't!

If you're in need of...

  • Immediate cash results
  • A safe source of funds
  • A short term and easily manageable loan

But you don't have...

  • Lots of good credit
  • Time to waste
  • A financial history free from bankruptcy

...then this is the right choice for you.

What Do I Need?

Unlike the bank, we don't require much from you. All you need is:

  1. A California driver's license to prove that you're over 18 and that you're a resident of the state
  2. Some source of income, no matter how small or infrequent
  3. A lien-free title on a car in your name

That's it! Easy approval rates are one of the many reasons that more and more people work with us.

Our company strives to match Los Angeles borrowers like you with world-class lenders in their area of LA as quickly and smoothly as possible. We do that by screening all potential title loan providers to find the lender that's perfect for you and is guaranteed to provide you with the highest quality title loan in Los Angeles. We provide you with free assistance throughout the entire lending process, and constant support in your journey towards financial freedom.

Convenience is key when it comes to supplying you with a better way to earn, so you're able to complete the process online from start to finish in about fifteen minutes. We understand that you need no-credit cash as soon as possible, so most borrowers have access to their money in as little as 24 hours from the moment they submit their one-time online application. If you think that an online LA title loan is right for you, then check out our application here for a free quote.

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