5 Interesting Ways To Earn Quick Cash in Texas

Are you one of the many Texans looking to make some extra money? If your credit is poor, it might be hard to find a decent option. But you'd be surprised at some of the cool and wacky things you can actually do for cash!

When your back is against the wall, consider thinking outside the box. There's plenty of dough out there just waiting to be found. Go find your pay day now! If you are looking for a simple loan, without a credit check, take a look at Texas auto title loans, just a click away. You won't believe the opportunities at your fingertips!

Sell It ALL

Do you make things? Are you an artist? Do you own stuff you're not using? Sell it. All of it! With sites like Craigslist and Etsy, you can find customers for all sorts of random items. Sell a bed frame, a tool kit, or a painting you've made. Whatever it is, there's likely someone out there who's willing to buy it.

You can create your own art or just get rid of things you're not using. Either way, there's money in it for you! If you're not a fan of the internet, maybe try a yard sale to pawn your stuff.

Odd Jobs

Find or create your own temporary gig. Walk dogs in your neighborhood, work for a temp agency, find something in the service industry, even babysit for your friends or family. Plus, did you know that you can find odd jobs on Craigslist or Amazon? If you want a simple way to add to your resume and make some money, some of these jobs may be perfect for you. Your hard work can even pay off in being hired full-time!

You can find work as a:

  • retail clerk
  • bartender
  • waiter / waitress
  • taxicab or delivery driver

Remember to play to your strengths! You may be good at cooking, cleaning, fixing... whatever it is, turn your skill into a valuable asset with a part-time business venture.

Scrap It!

Got metal you aren't using? You can scrap your metal for cash? It's true, and it works! Just take your unused metal to a scrap yard or recycle facility. Whatever you can salvage, they can scrap. You'd be shocked at how much money you can get from some old junk or copper wires lying around.

Sell Your Own Parking

If you live in the city, or a busy part of town, there's people out there willing to pay top dollar for your personal parking spot. You can rent out your parking for hundreds of dollars, and park further away. Even using your car less will save you money on gas.

Science Pays

Did you know that hospitals will pay you to help them out as a donor and as a test subject? Get involved in medical research at a local university or hospital. And you can also sell the following to science as well:

  • blood (plasma)
  • hair
  • sperm
  • breast milk

There's all sorts of things the scientific community needs subjects and samples for. Consider this as another possible option.

There's Always Something...

It may seem like you're out of ways to earn, but there's always other options out there. You just need to consider what works best for you!

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