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Your Chevy Impala is important to you. You can keep it and get cash from a title loan. Due to the fact that most Impalas are respected and reliable vehicles, the likelihood of approval on a large borrowing amount is high. Without a doubt, Impalas are highly-sought-after vehicles. After all, Chevrolet Impalas have been ranked #1 for Affordable Large Cars by U.S. News & World Report. So, if you have one, your choice makes sense. In order to know for certain, you just have to fill out our free quote form to the right.

It'll be easy to fill out, especially because you already know the answers to 2 questions on the form: the make and model of your car. The only items that are left are the year, mileage, and your personal contact information. Our customers often ask, how can I find title loan near me? If you can commit a few seconds to applying, we'll help you can find out the value of your Impala from a lender in your area!

The Lowdown on the Value of an Impala

As an example, the general price of a 2015 Impala is $27,000. But that doesn't necessarily mean it will be able to sell for that amount down the road. "Everybody knows that new cars depreciate the most in the first year," chief executive Phong Ly told the Washington Post in a recent interview.

With that being said, for used Impalas that have been released in the past decade, the resell value can be a few thousand dollars. Well-cared for vintage Impalas can go for even more.

However, the condition your Impala is in matters just as much as when it was created when it comes to title loans. The biggest way we gauge condition is mileage. Of course, it's OK if your car has several thousand miles on it. We know borrowers use their cars. No matter what the mileage, style, of year is, we'll be honest with you and give you a fair quote.

What Car Depreciation Means

Value isn't something that is set in stone. It's subject to changes in the market and demand. The value of vehicles like Impalas aren't any different.

Unfortunately, the value of Impalas depreciate at an incredibly fast rate. This high rate of deprecation can be tied to many things, including the style and production amounts of vehicles each year. For example, Eric Lyman, VP of the research firm ALG, spoke with Bankrate about the 2013 Impala. "The 2013 Impala is suffering from a long-in-the-tooth design and an oversupply of vehicles coming out of daily rental-vehicle fleets," he said.

Impalas continue to be impacted by high depreciation rates. According to iSeeCars, their depreciation rate is the 4th highest on the market. If you're looking to buy an Impala, this is good news. However, if you already own an Impala, it means the value of your vehicle may be less than you'd expect. If you own one, now isn't the time to be regretting the decision. You can still be eligible for a generous title loan.

We've given several loans for Chevrolet Impalas in the past 10+ years. The borrowers we have worked with have received loan amounts that fit their needs with low interest rates. We've helped create happy feelings by offering title loans as high as $4,000 for Impalas.

How to Get Cash in a Snap

Our process is quick, fast, and convenient, so you don't have to spend very much time waiting to get a title loan using your Impala. Even better, as you can see from the quote form, our process starts online and doesn't require an in person consultation. There's just a short pick up errand at the end of the process.

Here's how it works:

  1. Apply for a free quote on your Chevrolet Impala.
  2. Talk about your flexible options over the phone.
  3. Grab your money from one of the lenders we partner with.

The entire United States is filled with a variety of lenders. However, we've handpicked the lenders we work with. Our partners are trustworthy, honest, and love a good deal. Plus, it doesn't hurt that we have different partners that cover every area of the nation.

So, how does the partnership work? We advertise our free service, and then help guide borrowers through the options they have. First and foremost, you play a significant role in the options you're presented with. Our team values the input and needs of every borrower. So, when a loan specialist is comparing the plans lenders in your area have available, your needs will be fresh in his or her mind.

No Obligation Service for Impalas

Any way you slice it, choosing to get a loan impacts your life. So, once we've transferred the information in our heads to yours, you can weigh the impact it'll have in order to say "yes" or "no." Either way, we believe respect is a must. It's your car and your car title, whether you're running errands or fighting supernatural monsters.

The value of your Impala could be your ticket to fast cash. Why not put on your learning cap on and contact us? We don't ask for anything more than an open mind and desire to find out more information about Chevrolet Impala title loans.

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