Make the Most of Black Friday with a Title Loan

by Kelley Gecik

I love budgeting. I'm constantly moving my money around, trying to cover all the bases and keep our family afloat. I have categories set up for bills, for groceries, and of course, for Christmas. Each month I diligently put our hard-earned money into the Christmas pot, confidently thinking that by the end of the year, we'll have plenty of cash in there to make our children's (and our) Christmas dreams come true.

I think about a Christmas celebration like no other, with family dashing in and out of our nicely decorated home. They're all laughing and rosy-cheeked, giggling with delight over the great new toys they got that morning. We'll all sit in front of a blazing fire, drinking egg nog out of special Christmas glasses, while we tease each other with embarrassing stories. Then we'll gather around the beautifully set table, with a Christmas feast on it, and eat ourselves silly. And then take a nap. Everyone. Even the kids.

That's Christmas, right?

Those positive feelings are usually early in the year, like February. The year is still new, so everything still feels hopeful and fresh. I'm over here, just happily putting my money into the Christmas fund, convinced that if I just put that same amount into it each month we can have a Christmas like my dream.

There's a problem though. I like to spend even more than I like to save. So even if I'm not spending my Christmas money, I'm starting to push the line on our savings. That is, if we even have any.

By July, things have already started to change. I find that some little emergencies have popped up since the beginning of the year. Nothing huge, just an unexpected bill here, or a car repair there. I've had to dip into my Christmas fund to cover them, always with a happy little voice in my head saying, "It's okay, we still have five months until Christmas, we'll make it up somehow."

The months march stubbornly on. There aren't any more emergencies, but just extra expenses. Back-to-school shopping for my growing kids, sports registration fees for Saturday morning soccer. Nothing big, but it all adds up.

Then it's November. The leaves have already fallen off the trees and the first inklings of winter have started appearing. It's time to get my shop on with all of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals coming my way. I peek at my Christmas money hopefully, thinking that maybe I've surprised myself by putting in extra. But then reality hits: my Christmas fund is about as deflated as a leftover birthday balloon.

There are no more positive feelings. That happy little voice in my head that was so helpful in July? Yeah, it's not so happy anymore. "Way to go. You don't have any Christmas money, loser." I have terrible visions of waking up on Christmas morning to a cold house, sparsely decorated tree, empty stockings, and sad little children looking up at me and asking why Santa didn't come.

There is hope. Even in this dismal moment, there is a solution that can leave you the hero that saves Christmas.

It's a car title loan. It might seem a little unorthodox, and it's definitely thinking outside-of-the-box, but hear me out.

A car title loan works by taking the value of your car and using that as your loan amount. The lender holds on to your title, gives you your cash as a loan, and you get to keep driving your car on your merry way.

You can create your own custom loan to fit your needs. So if you need fast cash because all those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are happening soon and you need to take advantage of them, that can happen. The loans are in amounts from $500 up to $50,000, so certainly enough to give your family that Christmas they'll always remember.

With literally thousands of locations scattered all over the US, there's bound to be a loan store near you, so you don't have to travel far to get the holiday cash you need.

If you're worried about your credit situation, stop right there. Car title loans are amazing because they are based off of your car's value, not your credit. They don't even need to check your credit, which means anyone, even someone with no credit or bad credit, can qualify.

But maybe I'm all wrong. Maybe it's been a challenging year and you haven't even been able to put aside a penny for Christmas because you haven't been able to work. You're unemployed and now entering the holiday season is getting you down.

You can still qualify for a title loan.

How's that for holiday magic? They accept many different income sources, not just a paystub, so even if your job history is a little shaky right now, they can still work with you.

Get started today. Apply with their super simple online application that just collects some basic information about you and your vehicle. Speak to one of their amazing loan professionals. They really care about their customers and want to help you out, especially in making this Christmas one to remember for you and your family.

They don't bury you in a pile of paperwork either. You'll need to have:

  • A free and clear car title
  • State issued ID
  • Proof of insurance, address, and income

The lender will need to take a quick look at your car before you hand over the title and get your cash. Where will you head first? The mall? Your favorite online stores? You know that this year there will be tons of deals to be had and now you can take advantage of them.

A car title loan is the next best thing after Santa, of course. Apply now and start planning your Christmas gift list.

About the Author:

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