How Do I Find My Car's Value for an Auto Loan?

Applying for an auto title loan and receiving cash fast is easy with, but going into the whole process without knowing how much you can receive can be nerve-racking. What if your car is worth more than your lender will let you know? You can find out for certain your car's real value for an auto loan using our auto loan calculator with no extra obligations.

Our calculator takes the make, model, style, and mileage of your car and compares them with previous auto loan offers nationwide to determine how much you're likely to make with your car title loan. The result of your calculation will be a range of values in which your auto title loan could fall, and you should consider a few options about how to go about getting an auto title loan within this range.

As always, our auto loan calculator leaves out negligible information like your credit history, income, or financial situation, so that you can base your title loan directly on the value of your vehicle, just like our lenders will. If you have bad credit, unemployment, bankruptcy, or unstable income, you can find a car title loan with us that meets the value of your car with no hassles and no credit checks.

What your Auto Loan Estimate Really Tells You

While calculating your potential auto loan earnings we can give you a range of values that you can expect to see as you review offers, it can't reveal the details of your title loan contract and repayment plan, both of which make a big difference in how your auto loan will benefit you.

As you consider the range of values on your car, consider how much money you really need and try to find a loan with a good interest rate around that value. If you accept a higher loan amount than you need just to have some extra cash in your hand, keep in mind that you're also accepting a repayment plan that will charge you more in interest for that extra cash. Keep these key auto loan factors in mind as you plan for your title loan based on your car's estimated value:

  • How much money can you receive?
  • How much money do you need?
  • How long will it take to repay your auto loan?
  • Your monthly budget, based on your income

Our lenders give up to 42 months to repay an auto loan, so you can take out a necessary loan and make payments on a schedule that works for you with no hassles. And, we can locate the lenders nearest to you who offer low interest rates for necessary auto loans. When you search with us, you'll know you're getting the best deal around because you'll be able to compare offers in your area with an expert at your side.

How Do I Use the Loan Calculator?

To calculate the value of your vehicle, follow the link to our calculator page and fill out the form with your vehicle's information. In a matter of seconds (30-60), you'll be taken to a page with a free quote for your vehicle, and you can begin searching for offers by calling one of our many auto title loan experts on staff.

Our staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the types of title loan offers you can expect in your area. We work with all sorts of people, and have helped thousands find the cash they need fast and successfully complete their plan while driving their car the whole time. If you've never taken out a title loan before, you won't have to worry about misunderstanding because our experts can make everything clear to you in no time.

Our auto title loan application process puts you in control of the decisions while it guides you to a selection of the best offers near you. Just follow these steps:

  1. Fill out our application for a free quote (or call now to speak with a finance expert)
  2. Call the number on the screen to speak with an expert
  3. Choose a lender near you and set up a repayment plan
  4. Drive to your lender and drive away with cash

With this process, you receive a free quote with no obligations, expert guidance toward the auto loan for your needs, and control over aspects of your auto loan like your lender and your monthly repayment plan. And, you don't have to drive around between lenders, wait in line, or read lengthy contracts to compare offers. Our entire application process can be completed from your home.

Tailor the Title Loan for Your Needs

When you start with an auto loan estimate that you're happy with, the rest of your auto loan can fall into place rather easily, but you can still ensure that the details of your loan meet your needs by working with our experts. We know that the last thing you want to do is begin a repayment plan on a monthly budget that you can't afford, and that's why we don't let that happen to our customers.

When you speak with your expert, tell them about your financial situation, your income, and the amount that you can afford monthly to make sure that your title loan will benefit your future and remain stress-free. Your credit score and the value of your car have nothing to do with your income, but your title loan repayment plan should so that you can properly budget for your payments and successfully complete your payment period.

To calculate the auto loan value of your vehicle, follow the link to our free auto loan calculator and fill out the submission form for a quote with no obligations.

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